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Error Code 16 Cover by Spectra22
Error Code 16 Cover
Or it could be a poster ^u^
This is my half of a trade with this lovely, talented, and just plain wonderful person :iconmoonlightwolf17:  Please go check out her awesome comic: Error Code 16 :heart:  And definitely pay atterntion to Ryu-- Ryu is one of the most goddamn adorable OCs you will ever see :XD:  I can only hope I did him and Code justice, not to mention Dib, and Zim in his cute hoodie (and yeah it's just a teeeeeeeensy bit ZADR-ish tee hee DEM EYEBROWS I figured why the hell not :D).  I aged the characters up just a little, since they're a bit older in the comic, but still tried to keep them as close to the Jhonen Vasquez style as possible.  I think it turned out pretty good, and I really hope you love it, Ale! :lovesquee:  Also I apologize for being so slow getting it done ^^  Hopefully it was worth the wait Excited Dib 

Dib and Invader ZIM created by Jhonen Vasquez
Ryu and Code created by :iconmoonlightwolf17:
Chapter 3: Bottles...

Zim!”  Dib shouted, leaping up after him.  He pumped his legs as hard as they would go and soon he was right on Zim’s tail (yes, Zim literally had a cute, fluffy, white cotton-tail to go with the rest of his bunny motif).  “Zim!  What’s going on?  Where are we?”

The Zim-rabbit flashed his eyes at Dib in annoyance.  “I know not of this ‘Zim’ of which you speak,” he snarled, “so stop calling me that!  I am the White Rabbit and you will refer to me as such!”

Dib rolled his eyes.  “Oh give me a break, Zim.  All you did was put some bunny ears on and tie a stupid pink nose around your head.  Do you think I’m dumb?”

“As a matter of fact…” Zim said with a smirk.  Dib scowled, knowing he’d walked right into that one.  He tried to cook up a good retaliation, but he was running out of breath, and Zim was now too far ahead to hear him anyway.  The alien dashed through a door at the end of the hallway, and a moment later Dib did the same, finding himself standing in a large, dimly lit room with a high, arched ceiling.  He spotted a small table made of glass sitting off to one side, but as for Zim there was absolutely no sign of him.  

Dib’s eyes darted around the room, looking for Zim’s means of escape, but instead they landed on something glinting on the table.  He walked over, his boot heels echoing loudly on the checkered tile floor, and picked up the tiny object.  

A key?  Then there must be a door around here somewhere...”  Dib looked around again.  He didn’t see any doors, but behind him he spied long, purple curtain covering a section of the wall.  Odd... how had he not noticed it there before?  Being his paranoid self he eyed it with suspicion, then pulled a corner aside, revealing a very small door.  And I mean very small.  So small, in fact, that it barely even came up to his knees.

"You have got to be kidding me."

Frowning, he knelt down to examine the door more closely.  “How's anyone supposed to fit through a door
that size?” he griped.  Then he noticed the doorknob.  Dib just stared at it, furrowing his brow in confusion as he noted it’s odd, yet unmistakable shape.  It looked exactly like… 


Of course Dib was more than used to seeing truck-loads of merchandise modeled after his world-famous father, the one and only Professor Membrane-- their house was full of objects shaped like the Professor‘s head, after all-- but seeing something like that down
here of all places was a bit surprising.  Leaning forward he tugged on the strange looking knob only to be rewarded with a loud yelp of surprise.

Hey!  Watch it, Mr. Grabby Pants!” the doorknob said in a voice that was eerily similar to that of a certain Professor.  “You don’t have to pull so hard you know.”

“Um, sorry... I guess,” Dib apologized, somehow not really all that shocked to be talking to a doorknob.  He went to skool with an alien, had once encountered a horrible space moose, had traveled to a dimension made entirely of ham, and had even been turned into a walking bologna.  He could certainly handle this (although the fact that the thing looked and sounded just like his dad certainly upped the weird factor a few notches).  

Ah well, no harm done,” said the door.  “Now, is there something I can help you with, young man?”

Dib got down on his stomach and leaned in closer.  “Actually, I was wondering if Zim came through here by any chance?”


Yeah, little green alien?  Wearing a bunny costume for some reason?”

Ah, yes," said the doorknob, "as a matter of fact he did.  You juuuuust missed him.”

“So Zim
was here!”  Dib clenched his fists in determination.  “I have to follow him!”

The door burst out laughing, much to Dib‘s irritation.  “Don’t be silly, my boy! You’d never be able to fit that big head of yours through here!”

My head’s not BIG!” Dib huffed.

Uh, yes…of course not,” the Membrane-esqe doorknob muttered, sounding not the least bit convinced.  “Well, nonetheless I suggest you try that bottle on the table over there.”

Huh?”  Dib was about to point out that there was no bottle, but when he turned around he did, in fact, see a small, glass vial sitting on the tabletop which he was absolutely positive hadn’t been there a moment ago (there was just no way he, The Obsessive/Compulsive Dib, could've missed something like that).

He picked up the bottle and noticed a tag tied around its neck.  “Hmm… Drink Me,” he read the words printed on it, eyeing the liquid with his usual level of scrutiny.  “And exactly how is drinking this stuff supposed to help me?” 

Just give it a try!” the doorknob piped in jovially.  “I invented the formula myself!  I guarantee you’ll be thoroughly satisfied, and it’s also quite tasty, I might add!”

Well… if you say so.”  Dib shrugged.  After all, this was his dad… sort of.  He could trust him, right?  He uncorked the bottle, giving the contents a little sniff before taking a hesitant sip.  “Mm… Hey!  That is pretty good, actually!” he remarked, licking his lips and taking a longer drink.  "Sort of of makes my mouth feel all tingly."
Wiping his mouth on his sleeve, Dib went to set the empty bottle back on the table, but before he could he noticed that something about it seemed a little… off.

He blinked, a puzzled look wrinkling his features.  Had the tabletop always been that high up?  And it wasn't just his mouth that felt tingly now, but his entire body.  Why did he feel so strange?

Before he could answer these pressing questions, Dib was distracted by a funny sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach.  It felt like he was on an elevator that had jerked downward suddenly, and looking around, it did seem like he was riding an elevator.  The walls looked as if they were rising up taller, the ceiling seemed to get higher, the entire room looked like it was expanding around him like a balloon filling with air.

“W-what the!?” he gasped.  “
What's happening!?

Meow! by Spectra22
Every year for Halloween I go out and buy myself at least one really beautiful mask :love: They always come out with such gorgeous masks, and I've been collecting them for a few years now, so it's sort of my Halloween tradition ^^
This year I found two I really love :heart: An awesome bat shaped one, and this adorable sequined cat one :tinyhappyclapwithbounce: +plz  Sorry the photo quality is shit.  I tried to make it look better ^^;  Still, Happy Halloween, peeps! Blair Kitty :animation: 
Uh-kay, I'm going to do something I don't normally do... review something.  Usually I'd leave this sort of task to someone far better suited than myself, as I'm not the best at viewing things with a critical eye, but in this instance I'm compelled to offer my thoughts on the latest issue of Invader ZIM.  Because... this issue... is INCREDIBLE.

In fact THIS is the issue I-- and many Dib and/or Gaz fans-- have been waiting for.  And I daresay it might be the best issue yet.


Plotline: So Gaz wants to go to Bloaty's Pizza Hog because they're doing a once-in-a-lifetime promotion and giving away Bloaty Shorts-- shorts with numerous pockets designed to hold pizza.  When she asks her dad if they can go, the Professor tells her it's Dib's turn to chose where they eat.  When Gaz says, "So I should go threaten Dib until he does what I want?" the Professor tells her that she mustn't do that because it could make Dib explode.  It turns out Gaz gave Dib an unknown substance to drink after he hogged the TV too long, and that if the brain chemicals caused by a depressive state mix with the substance it will cause Dib's head to blow up (accompanied by a lovely little mock-up of how that would look).  

Gaz, not wanting her brother to explode, especially since this is her fault, goes to make sure Dib is happy.  Alarmingly, she finds him in his room looking out the window with tears in his eyes, and he laments to her about what a lousy paranormal investigator he is.  Gaz tries to cheer him up by telling him she'll help him get some video of the Legendary Squishsquatch... he's like Sasquatch, only squishier.  

Dib and Gaz venture into the woods and are soon on Squishsquatch's trail.  They spend most of the issue searching for one "squatch" after another, until finally they end up encased in avocado cocoons by a Guacsquatch.  It seems like the end for them, and as they talk Dib finds out about Bloaty's, asking Gaz why she didn't just go when she could have.  She responds by saying, "I didn't want you to be sad." (I'll come back to this little atom bomb later ^^)  This makes Dib "Not sad anymore," and Gaz finds the strength to break them free!  

However, Dib sees that he only managed to get one blurry photo of a Jigsquatch that surely won't convince his harshest Truthshrieker critic, Agent Batflaps, that he's a legit paranormal investigator.  Gaz remedies this by threatening Batflap's life, and he writes Dib a glowing review.  Because of all his sister's help, Dib chooses to go to Bloaty's for their family outing, and, because the expolodey substance is finally out of Dib's system, she ends the issue by knocking his face into a plateful of pizza.

Where to even begin...

When I read the summary of this issue-- something to the effect of "Gaz must be nice to Dib so he'll pick Bloaty's for their family dinner night, but will she end up killing him with kindness?"-- I was cautiously optimistic, as those little issue summaries aren't always wholly accurate.  The best I was hoping for was that Gaz would at least get a little character development and that we could see her maybe treating Dib a little more like a brother, since that's what Jhonen's been promising us since the beginning of this comic but so far hasn't delivered.  What I got, however, went beyond my wildest expectations, leaving me first stunned and then deliriously happy, like someone who buys a lottery ticket on a whim only to win the biggest jackpot in history.

As a huge Dib fan, I'm always conflicted about Gaz because I WANT to like her, I really do, but some of the things she's done to him over the most minor of offenses (such as in 'Gaz, Taster of Pork,' and as recently as IZ issue #5) have been simply abominable, making her come across as cruel, sadistic, and frankly just a great big spoiled brat with no redeemable qualities.  In this issue she not only redeems herself, but we get to witness some much needed growth that finally elevates Gaz above merely just an unpleasant, one-dimensional character.

When Gaz finds out that her brother could explode and that it's her fault, her first thought is, "I guess I really don't want Dib to explode..."  NOT, "Aw man, if Dib explodes I won't get to go to Bloaty's!"  In fact, this plot-point comes up very little while she's attempting to keep him happy.  Her main concern is simply to keep him from dying a horrible, explodey death.  Her being nice to him is a genuine act of kindness and concern, and not just a selfish means to an end.  This is cemented during a conversation they have when they're trapped in the avocado cocoons, and Gaz laments about missing out on the Bloaty-Shorts promotion.

Dib: "Why didn't you go to Bloaty's instead of following me around?"

Gaz: "I didn't want you to be sad."

Not gonna lie people... this line made my jaw drop and gave me chills.  I think I might have even cried a little.

Like, seriously, think about it.  Gaz could have easily gone to Bloaty's to get her shorts or whatever, leaving Dib to his terrible fate, not giving a shit about him like she usually does...

But she doesn't.  She goes to great lengths-- following him around, having to act all interested in his rambling, paranormal nonsense, getting lost in the woods, and ending up stuck in the Guacsquatch's lair-- all because she cares about his well being.  Now part of this is most likely out of guilt, but even this is a huge revelation, because when has she ever shown any remorse or felt guilty about anything she's done?  And while it's true Dib does allow her to pick where they eat in the end, this is purely incidental, and was never Gaz's main incentive for treating him kindly.  And from what we know of Gaz, treating anyone kindly, or even tolerating their presence, is a monumental feat, so imagine how much of a Herculean effort it must have been for her to show even an ounce of kindness to her annoying brother whom she usually shows nothing but contempt for.  She even goes so far as to enlist the help of her gaming buddies, and threatens a man's life in order to keep Dib out of the dumps.

I can't TELL you how pleased I was with this issue.  For years... YEARS... I have been wanting to see two things that I never imagined I would: 1) Gaz treating Dib decently/showing that she actually cares about him, and 2) Gaz getting some good character development.  This issue delivers both in a way that is just beautiful to behold.  Even Professor Membrane acts more like a caring father, at one point reprimanding Gaz lightly and telling her she should be nice to her brother (although why he made no effort to keep his son's spirits up I'll never know, but a few points for effort I guess).  The plot itself wasn't terribly exciting or complicated, but it didn't have to be, as the focus was really on Dib and Gaz's relationship.  Reading it, I got a real "brother/sister" vibe for the first time from these two, and their traipsing through the woods, looking for paranormal creatures together really reminded me of Dipper and Mabel ^^  There were also a lot of little hilarious bits throughout, like when we learn where Zim was for this whole issue, or Gaz's tortured facial expressions as she attempts to look interested in whatever weird thing Dib is babbling on about.  The art, as always, is fantastic, and it also includes a cute mini-comic starring everyone's favorite little ghost hunter by Megan Lawton (I simply adore the way she draws Dib).  

But the main thing about this issue, and the thing that made me want to sit down and sing its praises, is at LAST I and many others who've grown bored and even angry with the torture Gaz mercilessly inflicts on Dib have reason to celebrate ^u^  It's a real turning point for her as a character, and shows she's capable of doing something besides sitting there with her eyes glued to her video games, and actually really does care about what happens to her brother.  And I don't want to hear anyone complain that Gaz was acting completely out-of-character in this issue.  Being nice was still a huge effort for her, and she clearly didn't enjoy hanging out with Dib, only doing so because she didn't want to see him die.  And as someone who's always wanted to see Gaz have some dimension to her other than just being a rotten, anti-social, game-obsessed, little sour puss, it was SUCH an enormous breath of fresh air to finally see this side of her.  And just so we don't forget that she's still "Gaz," the issue ends with her whacking Dib in the back of the head.  I didn't mind this as it was nothing too harsh, a sort of "That's our Gaz! *insert studio audience laughter*" sort of ending, and it was actually a perfect moment in my opinion since she needed to get out all that pent up frustration somehow XD  And in addition to all that, it was just plain wonderful seeing Dib happy throughout the issue, especially when he finds out that Gaz scarified Bloaty's just to spend the day with him.  Though it's pretty much expected by now, it's still hard seeing a character you love so much horribly brutalized in some way every single issue. so for once I was pleasantly surprised.

This is hands down my favorite issue by far, and I only pray to the comic gods that we see more like this in the future :)  It was simply fantastic and I highly recommend it.  If you're one of those people who is sick to death of all the 'Dib torture porn,' or if you've been dying to see Gaz finally get a moment to shine and see another side to her character, please, PLEASE, I implore you to pick it up.  It does not disappoint.  That's all I've got, so see ya later! ^-^
Chapter 2: Fall of DOOM

Dib’s breath caught in his throat as he tumbled through the air.  He squeezed his eyes shut tightly, waiting for the bone-shattering impact that was sure to come.  He waited… and waited… and waited.  “Hmm?  What’s taking so long?” he wondered.  “If I’m gonna die a horrible, painful death I’d sorta like to get it over with.”  He dared to crack open one eye and discovered that he was still falling, but strangely, he didn’t appear to be falling very fast.  In fact he seemed to be floating rather pleasantly downwards, his black trench coat billowing out gracefully behind him in the gentle, upward draft.  However, this was the least strange thing Dib was noticing at that particular moment.  It was looking around at the sides of the hole that really caused his jaw to drop.
The sides of the hole (if they could really be called that-- they were more like walls) were covered with cupboards, picture frames, mirrors, coat hangers, clocks, bookshelves, posters, and a whole bunch of other things you wouldn’t expect to find several hundred feet underground.   A number of objects like tables, chairs, lamps, teapots, cups, and a chess set also drifted up past him as he fell further and further.  

““This… this is impossible!  This is definitely not a normal hole!” Dib decided with his usual knack for stating the obvious.  “Could I be falling into another dimension or something.  What if Zim set this whole thing up so that I’d follow him here and be sucked into a pit of hideous doom!”  He paused.  “But why the bunny costume?  And why set this whole thing up when he could’ve just as easily zapped me with a death-ray or something?  And how did he know I was spying on him when I was being so stealthy and--”  Dib went on and on, trying to comprehend the situation.  He had a habit of talking to himself in long monologues, a sad result of having no friends.  

Dib looked down.  Try as he might, he couldn’t make out what was below him… if there was anything below him.  “What if this hole is bottomless?” he thought, then quickly dismissed the idea.  It couldn’t possibly be bottomless; after all, the Earth was only so big in diameter.  “I suppose I’d eventually come out on the other side.  But wait…” he paused again.  “That’s impossible, too, since I’d be burnt to a crisp before I even made it to the outer core.”  

This idea didn’t exactly put Dib’s mind at ease.  “Well um, then again… maybe the Earth is really hollow, like some wakkos believe it is,” he thought, trying desperately to push that other image out of his head.  “In that case I wouldn’t have to worry about burning up.  Still, once I reached the center of the Earth I’d be stuck there, since every way would be up.  But that’s just ridiculous,” he chuckled.  “Once I got there the incredible force of Earth’s gravity would crush me like a wadded up gum wrapper.”

Somehow this thought didn’t make Dib feel any better either, so he decided to just shut-up and concentrate on the passing scenery, sending out a sarcastic, mental “Thanks, Dad,” for forcing all those fun and informative scientific bits of trivia into his head.  A string of very strange objects swirled past him as he fell, including a pink, dead bunny in a jar, a creepy looking Doughboy, a freaky Elmo doll, and an ugly Chihuahua.  “Oooooo-kaaaaay…” Dib said, coming to the conclusion that he’d had quite enough scenery for awhile.  Still, he couldn't help thinking, it’s too bad I forgot to grab my camera.

After a while Dib began glancing around again, his curiosity getting the better of him as it usually did.  As he fell past a shelf he picked up a jar that had caught his eye.  “Ew...”  He made an ‘icky’ face at the label, which read ‘Jellied Pig’s Toes,’ and Lord only knew why it’d caught his eye in the first place.  Dib released it with a smile, wondering if maybe it would drop and land on Zim, but instead of falling the jar floated up above him and disappeared into the darkness.

Minutes passed and Dib continued to plummet.  The fall seemed to be taking forever and he was starting to get pretty bored.  Just as he was debating on whether or not to start a round of ‘Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall,’ the laws of gravity suddenly returned with a vengeance.  “Nyah!“ he yelped, dropping the remaining length of the hole and landing with a loud FWUMP in a pile of dead leaves which did little to cushion the impact.

“Oww...”  Dib sat up and rubbed his backside.  He’d be feeling that one in the morning.  “Now where am I?” he asked no one in particular.  Just then he spotted a flash of red and white out of the corner of his eye heading down a long hallway.  
Is there any old piece of artwork I've done that you'd like to see me do a re-draw of in the future (like the one I did with 'Tak')?: Quit Stealing My Artwork!!! by Spectra22  Old vs New Back-to-backTak-- Redraw by Spectra22   Not that I need to add to the already monumental pile of stuff I need to draw, but I'm genuinely curious :)
Chapter 1:  Down the Irken Hole

Once upon a time, on a filthy little planet called ‘Earth,’ in a certain un-named city, in a certain park, it was a particularly beautiful day…

The sun was shining in a clear sky, bird song flittered through the air, and the world was draped in lush green shadows from the trees hanging overhead… but a young, pointy-haired alien hunter named Dib wasn’t paying attention to any of that.  Instead, his bespectacled eyes were fixed on a certain “kid” with green skin, a black pompadour, and no ears walking his so-called “dog.”  

Dib watched Zim as he stood there looking exasperated and bored out of his mind as his little, equally green puppy sniffed around him in a circle, following a bug it had discovered.  Flipping his notebook open to a blank page, he jotted down: 9:23 AM-- Zim taking robot dog for a walk.  Part of EVIL WORLD DOMINATION plan!??  VERY SUSPICIOUS!!!

Looking at what he'd written, Dib shook his head, ripped out the page and crumpled it up, then went back to observing the scene; now GIR was playing peek-a-boo with a squirrel, and Zim was standing there with his eyelids half shut, drool dripping down his chin.  Dib had come to the park to spy on the Irken invader, but even he had to admit, not much was happening in the way of incriminating evidence.  He pulled away his hi-powered binoculars and leaned back against the thick tree trunk, rubbing his eyes.  He was having trouble keeping them open, having stayed up till three AM watching a ‘Mysterious Mysteries’ marathon the night before.  He yawned and his eyelids fluttered as he settled back and thought about how nice and cool the grass felt and how great it was to lay in the shade, how sleepy the sun was making him feel, and how he longed to just lie against the tree and…
“Nyah!  No!”  He forced his eyes open and shook his head stubbornly.  “I can’t let my guard down!  I’ll never rest until I expose Zim for the evil alien parasite he is!”  Hearing his own voice snapped him out of his fatigue a bit and he peeked around the tree trunk.

“Just you wait Zim.  You can’t pretend forever, and when you slip up I’ll be fully alert and ready!”  He raised the binoculars once more, his gaze set like steel as he watched his enemy, waiting to strike at any given moment.  

* * *
Ten minutes later Dib awoke from where he’d passed out in the grass.  He rubbed his eyes and sat up, little blades of green stuck to his face.  Wasting no time, he grabbed the binoculars and looked over to see what Zim was up to.  

“Great,” Dib frowned.  “He’s gone.”

He shoved the binoculars in his backpack, angry with himself for falling asleep and missing out on the perfect opportunity to spy on the alien, when he heard a familiar voice shouting, “OH NO!  I‘M LATE!  I‘M LAAAAAATE!!

“Zim?”  So he hadn’t left the park after all, evidently.  Dib glanced in the direction of the voice, and sure enough, he spotted Zim rushing towards him, only he looked a little different than he had a few minutes ago.

Zim!?” The boy scrunched up his face in confusion.  Although he’d seen plenty of Zim’s dumb disguises in the past, this was… well, let‘s just say Dib was not quite prepared.  

Instead of his black wig, the alien now wore a furry, white hood with bunny ears attached, and had a pink dot of a nose tied around his face.  And as if that wasn't strange enough, his striped, maroon uniform had been replaced by a white shirt topped by a red tailcoat adorned with gold buttons.  Dib stared dumbfounded as Zim skidded to a stop directly in front of him and a large, gold watch emerged from his PAK.  He gripped it tightly, staring into its face with wide, frenzied eyes.  “She’s going to have my head for this!” he cried and darted past.

Instantly Dib was on his feet and running across the grass in hot pursuit of his nemesis, although it wasn’t easy keeping up, as Zim was quite the speedy little bunny.  

“Zim!” he called through panting breaths as he gradually began to catch up.  “Where are you going?  ~ huff~ And why…~huff~ why the heck are you dressed like a bunny!?

“I am no bunny, I’m a RABBIT!” Zim snorted indignantly.  “And I have no time for your foolish questions, stink-boy, I’m late!”  And with that, Zim disappeared down a large hole in the side of a hill that was half hidden beneath a hedge.  Dib, who was too puzzled to think straight, never even considered that this could be some sort of trap, and popped in after him.

He crawled along the dim tunnel on his hands and knees, calling out Zim’s name as he went.  His head was reeling.  Of all the things to disguise himself as, why a bunny?” he wondered.  It was just too bizarre, even for Zim.  He was definitely up to something!  Dib was certain of it, and he was going to find out what.  But then, as the initial shock began to wear off, he realized how carelessly he’d acted by following in so hastily after the devious little extraterrestrial.
“I don’t know if I ought to be doing this.  Maybe I should turn back while I still-- YAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!”  Dib’s words were suddenly cut-off by his screams of terror as the ground beneath his hands took a sharp slide downwards, and he found himself plunging headfirst down a gaping black hole.  
Dib in Wonderland-- Chapter 1: Down the Irken Hole
On to Cbapter 2
Say WHAAAAAT!? Eye Zoom   Yep, after many, many years, I've decided to finally post my original 'Dib in Wonderland' fanfic here on DA! :dummy:

But why now, you may ask?  Well, since I'm SOOOOOO slow at coming out with pages of my 'DIW' comic (really, they're so freaking hard, people!! Waaaah! ), I thought this way, if people wanted to, they could read ahead and see what horrible fate befalls our beloved hero in the pages to come :D  But-- as if I even have to mention it Derp   -- BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!
One more thing of note:  This version I'm posting here is a HIGHLY RE-EDITED and REVISED edition than the one you may have read on  Again, why I do dis??? STEVEN WHY  The biggest reason is because I wrote this story more than... well, I'm not even gonna tell you how many years ago onion head 'shock'  and, errrmm... well, my writing was not-so-good back then ^^;  Since I'd like to think I'm a wee bit better at it now, I've gone over it and fixed some things I didn't like about it as far as sentence structure and punctuation and all that junk, and added some little things I thought would make it better, changed some sentences, and... okay, okay, I'm more evil than George Lucas, kill me -_-  However, it will still follow the same story it always has-- that hasn't changed.  The only thing I've tweaked are a few of the details, and changed-- even added (tee hee!)-- a scene or two.  I just hope you'll enjoy this revised version if you've read the original (and if you think this new edition sucks balls, you can still read the original on,)OR if you're a new reader ^u^  The other reason is I want this new version to flow more with the comic, so consider this a sort of... expanded edition of that :)  Also, I divided the chapters into smaller parts, so they're easier to digest! Eating  So chow down, people!!

And as with the comic, I promise this fic will have:
Bullet; Red  NO pairings or romance
Bullet; Orange  NO OC’s or Mary Sue Fan-characters (and the Cheshire Cat doesn’t count since he’s based on JV)
Bullet; Yellow  NO angsty/drama-type stuff
Bullet; Green  Zim and Dib as ENEMIES
Bullet; Blue  Almost EVERY, SINGLE CANON IZ CHARACTER at some point
Man, I know you guys are probably sick of me and all my IZ/Wonderland junk :iconnervous-laughplz: But this stupid fanfic... it's my baby :lovesquee:  And I'm so happy I can share it with you all here ^u^  I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for reading!!! :love: 

Invader ZIM created by Jhonen Vasquez
Alice in Wonderland created by Lewis Carroll

This fused together, Frankenstein's Monster of a fanfic... by me :lol: 
And this AMAZING cover image was done for me by the lovely and talented BlueXCanary :iconbluexcanary:
Hey guys ^u^
Quick update: I've been feeling a little icky-- both mentally and physically-- all week, and haven't felt much like drawing or browsing DA.  It usually happens around this time of year as my annual Nov-Feb long cold approaches -_-  So I haven't died (despite the universe's best attempts), just haven't felt like my usual self.  So if you're waiting on a trade, don't worry I've not forgotten you, and I'll try to get around to those this weekend after catching up on some homework ^^  Bye!


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I really don't think I'll post many jornal entries (too much to rant about), but what I'd like to do now is just to let my friends who don't already know about it know why I seemingly dissapeared off the face of the Earth for so long, and get a chance to tell my story.
Like I might have mentioned before, I've been extremely sick for a long time.  It's been maybe two or three years since this all got set into motion, but, as of July 05' It'll be more than a year since the worst part of it happened.  Around Jan 05, I'd just gotten over being in the hospital from having an infection, a very, very painful infection, caused by my diabetes (I may have mentioned before that I'm diabetic).  I'd had a few infections like this before, caused by my being stupid and not taking care of myself and always having super-high blood sugars.  I admit, for years I've been very bad about taking care of my condition and slacking off, and just not getting how serious it is.  Well, finally something hit home and I decided I couldn't live like that anymore, having these awful infections and always being sick and tired all the time.  So I started doing what I was supposed to do, taking my insulin and monitoring my blood sugar more carefully.  Then one day I noticed I had a little bit of pain on the skin in my stomach area, almost like a sunburn kind of pain.  I really didn't think anything of it at first, until it started to spread.  By November the pain had spread to my entire body and gotten much worse.  Imagine the worst sunburn you've ever had, and now imagine it everywhere, head to toe, front and back, no way to turn yourself to relieve the burning sensation.  I stopped wearing clothes, I had to sleep in satin sheets (when I could sleep), and even the weight of the sheet on my body was absolute torture.  And the pain varried; sometimes it felt like burning, sometimes like needles being jabbed into me, sometimes more of an electric kind of pain.  This went on 24/7 with no relief except sleep.  I basically shut down completely and stopped living.  I shut myself up in my room, hardly ever coming out except to go to the bathroom and for food, and I barely ate one small meal a day at that point and sometimes not at all.  I weighed only 97 lbs. at my lowest (right now I'm back up a little).  I looked worse than Nicole Richie heh heh ^^  kidding.  But really, I just looked gross, nothing but bones, but I just couldn't eat because the pain was so all encompassing, plus I'd just plain given up on living.  I couldn't have cared less if I starved to death.  The only time I left the house was to see doctors.  Tons of doctors, and none of them knew what was wrong with me.  Some thought it could all be in my head (I wanted to shoot those doctors), but most of them suspected diabetic neuropathy.  Yes, I thought you'd ask that.  Diabetic neuropathy is damage to the nerves caused by too much sugar in the blood.  The only thing is with neuropathy is it usually is only in the hands and feet, whereas mine was total body, and wasn't crippling like mine had become.  So on top of everything I had no answers, and naturally I was scared to death that this thing I had would never go away.  At my very worst point I was in my bed all the time, not wanting to move or have anything touch me, often sick to the point of throwing up, crying a good portion of the day (for at least six months I don't think I went one day without crying), sometimes screaming when no one else was home, on every single painkiller you can think of short of morphine (and none of them worked), just praying for sleep, and, yes, sometimes praying for death.  I was in such horrible pain and I didn't know if it would ever get better, so I just wanted to die.  Eventually I ended up at St. Joseph's for a few days in the mental ward because everyone was afraid I was suicidal.  
I guess I was in what people would call "my darkest hour."  I'm crying right now as I write just thinking of it.  The only thing that got me though all of it was my family, especially my mother, who was there for me every step of the way.  They even pooled together ("they" being my mom, my aunts Candy and Lynette, and my grandma) and got me an insulin pump.  It really is the coolest thing.  It acts like my pancreas would and gives me steady insulin and calculates how much I need for what I eat and stuff like that.  It's been a total lifesaver.  Still, I only wished to be out of my misery, or at least to have some medical explanation as to why this was happening.  Then one day my counselor who I was seeing gave me the number of a woman who she'd worked with some years ago who she remembered having the same symptoms I was describing.  Her name was Cheryl.  So I called and talked to her on the phone and she told me she had also been diabetic (she's not anymore; she had a pancreas transplant), and she'd also been pretty non-compliant and then had the problem with the burning skin pain like me and that she knew a doctor at Rush University Hospital that could probably help me.  Then, out of nowhere she offers to take me to this doctor and pay for the visit, just like that.  And this is the first time I'd ever even talked to this woman, not even in person, and she does this wonderful thing for me.  I cried and just thanked God over and over all that night because now I had some hope, and Cheryl also told me that the pain she'd experienced had gone away with this doctor's help.  I pretty much think of her as my guardian angel now ^^
That was the start of my recovery.  Cheryl, my mother, and I all met and as she was telling me her story I felt as if I was listening to myself talking.  The things she described were almost exactly the same things as I'd gone through, from the pain to the depression, all of it.  I felt 90% better just having someone to relate to.  That was one of the hardest things, that, even though my family was supportive and loved me and all, they still had no idea what I was going though and just didn't understand how I felt.  Having found someone else who'd been though the same hell as I had and had come out the other side intact did a lot for my spirits.  We went to Rush shortly after and I saw the Doc who finally had some answers for me.  He told me that what I had (and I'll try to explain this the best I can) was a form of temporary neuropathy that was brought on by the absence of sugar in my blood.  For years I'd had a blood sugar level that was abnormally high and I'd been that way for so long that when I at last started being compliant with my diabetes and taking care of myself the right way, my sugar levels came back down into the normal range, which is good, but the problem was my body was so used to such high levels that when I came back to normal again it sent my system into shock, basically frying my nerve endings and screwing up my whole body.  Now when he'd seen Cheryl, she'd been where I was when I'd been at my worst, so he'd put her in the hospital and tried to flush out her system with fluids and stuff, but by the time he saw me I was already starting to feel a little bit better, although I still hurt a lot and I still didn't know what the hell it was I had so I'm glad I saw him, but that I was over the worst of it and it was only a matter of riding it out now, and that it would go away.  It's been agonizingly slow going, but today I'm almost 100% better.  I still am a little bit sensitive and have some trouble getting to sleep, but I can wear clothes again without it bothering me and I can move around like normal and do things I just didn't have the will to do before.  Simple things like just getting out of my room and driving to town and playing with my new kitty (yep, I got a new little kitten named Lucy ^_^  She's such a cute little brat) is a major step for me.  And I've got my appetite back finally.  I'm still going to counseling since, while I'm physically getting better, emotionally I may take much longer to heal.  
Well, that's my long, unhappy tale, and believe it or not that was the short version.  I know, I really sounded dramatic there, but honestly I'm not exaggerating how bad it was.  It took a long time coming back to life.  The reason I haven't kept in touch or talked to anyone even online much is when you go through something like that you just stop caring about anything except the pain.  It's all you can focus on.  Plus I just didn't want anyone to know how awful a situation I was in.  It was bad enough seeing what my family was going through watching me suffer, how much it hurt them, so of course I didn't want to drag any of my friends into it too.  Of course I didn't draw for about two years either, and I'm just now finding some joy in doing that again.  Art used to be my therapy, but I was just in so much pain I didn't even like to move my arm to pick up a pencil, and I was into that whole 'what's the fucking point?' mind frame.  I honestly can say that I thought I was going to die, one way or another, so why would I want to draw anything?  I was just in such a terrible depression, I don't even know how I got through it -_-  Not gracefully, I can tell you that, but I DID get through and that's the important thing.
Nowadays I'm trying to catch up on a ton of things, including contacting all my online friends again and trying to explain that, no, I was NOT kidnapped by aliens for three years, I was just really sick.  I'm also drawing and realizing how much I missed it ^^  I'm working in Photoshop a lot these days (thanks to Cynicallia). I have no job or anything, but I'm looking and I still want to go to college.  I'm going to try not to waste anymore time, cause, cliché as it may be, it really is true that life is short.  Believe me I know it.

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