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What's Lurking In the Dark
Finished version of this pic: WIP

I... am... SO happy to be done with this! :dummy:  

I seriously had no idea what I was gonna do with the background when I set out to color this thing :confused:   First I wanted it to be set inside a cave with Bill being like a cave painting, and then I thought it would be a lot cooler if I had him blending in with a dark line of pine trees in the background and just have the edges of him glowing Bill Cipher Emoticon   I'm happy to say everything turned out just how I wanted it... once I figured out what it was I wanted ^^  One thing I have to confess:  I used an already made book cover I found online for the journal, cause it is SO hard to get the perspective right on something like that, so I cheated a little ^^;  But the rest I drew myself (I even posed for Dipper by taking a photo of myself, since I couldn't find a reference pic of anyone holding a book like that anywhere! :D).  

Whew! Hayato Kimata (Whew) [V1]  I worked super hard on this, and I hope you guys all really like it! ^u^ :heart:

Dipper & Mabel Pines, and Gravity Falls created by Alex Hirsch
Surprise Hug!
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, EVERYONE! :heart:, even though it was two days ago ^^;

I wouldda had this done in time, except my brand new $300 tablet was--like every piece of technology I own--being a #$%&@!, so I had to wait a few days till I could fix the problem.  But anyhoos, here's my 2017 V-day offering--A DibxMabel crossover pic! :dummy:  And since yesterday was Gravity Falls Day, this seems like good timing Bill Cipher hehehe 
Mabel caught Dib at an unguarded moment, it seems, and decided to give him a good drive-by glomping Hug [Gravity Falls] :XD:  And my, does Dib look surprised blush icon   In my head-canon at least, Mabel gets a massive crush on the Dibster after Dipper introduces her to his new bud/partner-in-crime Kawaii [Gravity Falls]   Dib actually really does like Mabel, although her happy-go-lucky, super energized personality took some getting used to for our never-been-crushed-on-by-a-girl paranormal investigator (even though technically Gretchen had a crush on him, but she wasn't nearly as aggressive as Mabel "Shooting Star" Pines Cheeks [Gravity Falls] ) However, he doesn't like her in "that way," till much later, mostly becaue he doesn't really get that she likes him in "that way," due to his one track mind which leaves little room for thoughts other than ZIM, and his total inexperience with girls.  So when Mabel does stuff like sneak up and hug him from behind or pinches his cheek, the poor, dumb kid just has no idea what to make of it :heart: :D

I also included some dumb little doodles, since it seemed like stuff Mabel would draw on a photo GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle :aww:

Kay, I'm done yapping now--enjoy! :heart:

Invader ZIM
created by Jhonen Vasquez
Gravity Falls created by Alex Hirsch
I had planned to finish up a few new drawings, including one for Valentine's Day, but my drawing tablet is... *sigh* having issues -_-  So once I fix the problem (I think I've found a way, fingers crossed, but I have to wait till this battery charger-thing I ordered arrives), I'll get on top of things and get working again ^^
Dipper in Wonderland
Dude, you hadda know this was coming--just about every fandom I'm into gets the "Wonderland" treatment sooner or later :D

This actually started out quite awhile ago as a doodle I was... uh, doodling after reading this cute fanfic on by SingingIntrovertDipper in Wonderland  :heart:  (I'd say Bill is more the Cheshire Cat type, but he was the White Rabbit in the story, so I simply rolled with it ^^).  I had some fun playing around with lighting and color filters and such.  I also wanted to put some more stuff floating around at first, but decided against it since I thought it would look too cluttered (and also good ol' fashioned LAZINESS, hooray! :dummy: )

Well peeps, hope you like! ^u^

(Oh man, now I wanna see an ULTRA crossover with Dib AND Dipper getting sucked into some insane Wonderland, with the characters from Invader ZIM meeting the characters from Gravity Falls, but as their AU Wonderland personas! :XD: I cannot even conceive of the chaos and hilarity that would ensue! Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] )

Dipper Pines, Bill Cipher, and Gravity Falls created by Alex Hirsch


Spectra22's Profile Picture
Oops!  Seems I was tagged again by :iconinvadermak2016:  

Eh, it's a good way to kill 10 minutes XD

A 🔢 Age: Oh come on, right off the bat?  Geez... okay, lets just say I'm older than 25, and younger than 35 (and that's all you're getting!)

B ⚠ Biggest Fear: That on my deathbed (if I get the luxury of dying in my bed) that I'll look back on my life with more sadness and regret than anything else.

C 🕛 Current Time: 10:31 in the AM

D ☕ Drink You Had Last: Diet Pepsi (NEED CAFFEINE IN THE MORNING!!)

E ✔ Easiest Person To Talk To: My mom ^^  and my former teacher, Jeff.

F ☺ Favourite Movie: Ooo, lots!  The first that always comes to mind though is Kill Bill vol 1. (I liked that one a little more than vol. 2).  

G ☹ Grossest Memory:  Ugh -_-  It's not a single memory, but probably back when I used to get these really big, horribly painful abscesses in *ahem*... a very uncomfortable place.  I'd get them all the time and have to go to the hospital to get them cut open and drained (hey man, you asked, okay?).

H 🏠 Hometown: New Lenox

I 💕 In Love With: Invader Zim. (that was InvaderMAK2016's answer, but I'll put it down for mine, too ^^).  Specifically Dib :heart:  If we're talking real human crushes, though, I have to go with Jeffrey Jey--vocalist for Eiffel 65 and solo artist :love:

J 🎸 Jealous Of: People who can write better and faster than me.  I have the worst time writing fanfics and coming up with any decent stories, but some people seem to be able to do it like it's a bodily function, and they're a million times better than I could ever be.  Same goes for art.  I'm so jealous of these people who can just crap out a masterpiece in a few hours like it was nothing, where meanwhile I'm struggling just to draw a single line.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter or hateful towards any of these fantastic writers/artists, it just bums me out sometimes that I have to work that much harder on my own art and stories.

K 🔪 Killed Someone: Tch, yeah like I'm gonna just go blab about it so the FBI can show up at my door--durrrr that'd be pretty S-M-R-T.

L 💍 Longest Relationship: 6-ish months... I think...?  Eh, sounds about right.

M ⍟ Middle Name: Rae

N ⚄ Number of Siblings: 1 sister.

O 💫 One Wish: Okay, I don't wanna be selfish, so for the world, I'd wish that...


Hmm... see I'm thinking of all the problems I'd wanna magically fix, but then I immediately imagine how they would all backfire--kinda a 'Monkey's Paw' kinda thing -_-  I think I'm too cynical to cure all of humanity's woes.  So I guess I'd wish that humans would have some kind of teleport system in place--at least that would eliminate a ton of pollution caused by burning fuel, plus people wouldn't have to waste time driving anywhere.

A wish for myself... I guess I'd want shape-shifting powers--no limit on size or types of things I could turn into.  That'd be pretty fun I think :)

P ☎ Person Who You Last Called: Can't remember... I think it was someone from my school, maybe

Q ‽ Question You're Always Asked: Where you goin? (Whenever I leave the house).  I get a lot of "Do you do art requests/trades?" too.

R ☻ Reason To Smile: Reading my DA comments :D :heart:

S ♫ Song Last sang: Hmm... not sure--most likely some Eiffel 65 song while I was driving :)

T 👉 Time You Woke Up: 7:20 AM (ugh -_-)

U 👙 Underwear Colour: What underwear?

Okay, okay, they're red.  I'm sure everyone was dying to know.

V ✈ Vacation Destination: What vacation? (this time I'm serious--I never go anywhere -_-  Ideally I'd want to go to some big convention where I could meet Jhonen Vasquez, or retroactively I wish I could have gone to at least one InvaderCON)

W ✘ Worst habit: Procrastinating.

X 💀 X-Rays You've Had: Haven't had any in years, so I couldn't tell ya.

Y 🍬 Your Favourite Food: SUSHI! ^^  Rolls, not the other type tho.

Z ♊ Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Who I will tag: :iconpixelprincess19: :iconyusunaby: :iconzim999: :iconhonoramongscars:



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OHHH hey, i forgot to mention.
I've been harboring a deeeeeeep secret with Tak but i can only divulge it to you in private >v>
Even if it takes you a year to respond, i can wait!
Hope all stays well! :D
Spectra22 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Student Filmographer
Eeep! 0_0  Tell me!  TELL MEEEEEEE!! Zim raep face plz  pweeze? ^^
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How would the casts of Invader Zim and Steven Universe play off of each other?
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Hey Spectra, 
you wanna do an art trade?
Spectra22 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Student Filmographer
Why did I just read that to the tune of 'Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" :XD:

Welllllllllll... >_<  Okay, sure, we can do a trade ^^  But I have to warn you first: I've got school again, and things are a little harder this quarter, plus I've got a million other things I'm busy with, so if we do one it might take me awhile to finish it.  I hate that it has to be that way, but it's simply the truth of the matter, so If that's okay with you and you don't mind possibly waiting a bit, then we're good :)  Also I'm notoriously bad at thinking of what I want for the other person to draw for me ^^;  So give me a little time on that, too, and I'll get back to you ASAP.  But if you want to go ahead and tell me what you want, I may be able to at least start on it.
DisneyandZimFanatic Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017   Traditional Artist
Maybe it's because I said "Do You Wanna" I Never See You Anymore 

And I'm okay with that, I"ll be patient. =D  

I actually have many ideas, so I'll list them and you can pick one:

#1. Megara, Pain, Panic, Hades and Hercules in Invader Zim style

#2. Dib and Gaz with my babies, Belle and Zara

#3. Me hanging out with Zim 

#4. My babies, Belle and Zara

So what would you like me to draw for you?
Spectra22 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Student Filmographer
Dang, sorry it's taken me so long to respond ^^;  Same ol' busy busy ^^

I'll have to get back to you on what I want (I honestly haven't had time to think about it :D), but for you... hmm... how about I pick one of those and surprise you? :)  Again, sorry if it takes awhile, but I'll try to do it asap :heart:
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Thank you for the watch! 0v0/
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